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Why it Pays to Know Exactly What Goes With Your Home Sale

Wilmington NC Real Estate
Posted by Debi Byrd on January 19, 2018 in  real estate  wilmington
What stays with the home you’re selling? To use the legal lingo, what will convey? The Rule Generally, real property will convey. Real property is anything attached to the house that would leave visible damage if removed. Typically included: the house, land, trees, shrubbery, fences, TV antenna, and any fixture outside or inside (such as wall-to-wall carpeting or built-in cabinets.). Anything else is personal property. You can take with you any freestanding personal property you want – the washe... read more
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2017 Market Summary Wilmington NC

Posted by Debi Byrd on September 11, 2017 in  market summary  real estate
The real estate market continues to improve in Wilmington NC.  The Sold Listings and Pending Listings for this month and year to date have each increased around 10% over last years numbers.  Still a great time to buy and sell.  The days on the market are down and the interest rates are still around 4%.  Download my app to check out the market.  http://app.seacoastrealty.com/debibyrdQuestions?  Just text or call me.   ... read more
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Fixtures Can Add Beauty, Value And Convenience To Your Home

#Wilmington NC real estate
Posted by Debi Byrd on August 24, 2017 in  real estate  staging your home
Little things do count -- sometimes a lot! Adding or replacing some of your home's fixtures -- which will stay with it when you eventually sell -- can give your home an attractive up-to-date look, more functionality and a higher market value. Here are a few ideas to get you started: Distinctive exterior light fixtures, perhaps with motion sensors or timers. Think about floodlights and path lights, too! A new mailbox and address plate. A new water hose holder or winder. A beautiful sounding doorbell. A polish... read more
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Would you like to live at the beach and think you can’t afford it?  Carolina Beach still offers some great values on homes, condos and townhomes.  Live near the Aquarium and Fort Fisher.  If you feel like driving on the beach you can go the the north end of Carolina Beach to Freeman Park.   For a daily fee or yearly pass you can.  Camping is allowed. To search by price, map, location please visitdbyrd.seacoastrealty.com HD Carolina Beach Live Cam http://www.surfchex.com/ca... read more
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Today's Move Up Buyers

Posted by Debi Byrd on July 31, 2017 in  move up buyer  real estate
Today's Move-Up Buyers Differ From Yesterday's If you already own a Wilmington NC real estate home and you're looking to buy a larger home, you're a "move-up buyer." You're probably a bit different from move-up buyers of yesterday though. Some move-up buyers today are a lot more cautious -- and for good reason. Move-up buyers today are looking for a home to fit their needs because remodeling an existing home to add more space is often more expensive than buying a different home that's already large enough. That ... read more
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