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Smart Strategies To Make A Wilmington NC Home Inspection Work For You Whether you're buying or selling a home (or both), pay special attention to how a home inspection can serve your interests. A professional home inspection protects both buyers and sellers from legal action sparked by problems found after a home is sold.Buyers have long been advised to include a home inspection contingency in their purchase offers. The cost--$300- $400 or so--is well worth the information it buys, protecting the purchaser... read more
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What are the essential steps every first-time buyer should know?

Wilmington NC Real Estate
Posted by Debi Byrd on May 15, 2017 in  Real estate  Wilmington NC Real estate
If you think it's about time you bought a home instead of renting, a little homework before you start looking will increase your odds of finding the best buy for you. First, you must educate yourself about the home buying process. You can take a class or pick up books from your local library. Also be sure to read the real estate sections of your newspaper to familiarize yourself with properties and prices in your area. Consumer magazines that focus on the home can also be a good source of informatio... read more
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